Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do NOT Tolerate Black Bigots and Racists

Bigotry and Racism (contrary to the belief of some) comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Too preface this article, shall establish a couple of beliefs I feel are universal.

1. All human beings are prejudiced, have a predetermined preference for or against a something or a someone. How many people look down on fat people, make certain assumptions about them? (Think Meghan McCain) Let's rephrase the question for a different answer. How many men love big butts, appreciate women blessed with some nice big booty, or is that BOO TAY? We all have our own pair of color (rose) tinted glasses from which we view the world around us.

2. The United States of America's Diversity Efforts are wrong sighted, and send the wrong message about differences between people, regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation. In 2009, why are we teaching TOLERANCE? We have a BLACK President, yet are still teaching sad is that? When are we going to kick it up to the next level, when are we going to start teaching ACCEPTANCE? By the way, acceptance is a TWO WAY, even a THREE WAY street...a Societal Round About in the Global Community.

Thus the purpose of this post, the message that we should not tolerate Black Bigots, or any other bigots for that matter. We need if you will, a universal code of ethical behaviors for our interactions with all people of the world. Eric Holder claimed he wants dialogue on race, angered many of us when he called us COWARDS. The problem is, Eric Holder did not say what he really meant, is not man enough to admit the cold hard fact that he does not want to have dialogue. He has an agenda, and a long laundry list of grievances AGAINST THE WHITE MAN that he wants us to hear. Call that reality whatever you want, but it is NOT DIALOGUE. Mr. Holder feels President Obama has given him, given the Black Community a certain (if you will) Entitlement to PUSH A BLACK AGENDA, and they would be wrong. Obama may be our first Black (Mulatto) President, but he is THE People's President, as in One Nation Under God.

Some will argue that Blacks cannot be Racists...the argument being they are not a majority, arguing that being White, being the MAJORITY in an oppressor/oppressed relationship gives us a special ability through our majority to be racist towards the minority. OH PLEASE...freshman quality essay paper gibberish.

If a group of white men beat up a black man, that is RACIST behavior, their actions a hate crime. Racist White Men

If a group of black men beat up a gay man, isn't that RACIST behavior, are not their actions a HATE CRIME? Racist Black Men

Groups are always relative. I may be a majority in one neighborhood, and a minority in another neighborhood. Try being a white male living in a predominantly Black Community and tell me said white male is not subject to certain racist behaviors directed at/towards him. I point this out, because it is my belief that Black people see their own racism, their own bigoted attitudes towards Whites as justified anger, controlled outrage instead of admitting to themselves that they are prejudiced, bigoted racists that dislike, even hate White People. If they cannot admit that basic truth, how can we have that dialogue that Eric Holder claims he wants to have?

We have a Black President, we have come a long way on the road to equality. That said, there is still a long road ahead, and that road cannot, will not be traveled until Blacks take a time out and look within themselves, own their shit, admit their own bigotry and hatred of others, be it the white man, or the gay living down the street from them. It's time to lose the ANGER, and while we are on the subject, it is time to lose the race based Affirmative Action Program.

I'll leave you with this thought...The Black Community was UP IN ARMS when they thought whites (especially White Men) would not vote for Obama because HE WAS BLACK, but could not understand why Hilliary Clinton Supporters were upset to learn many Black People were going to vote for Barack Obama BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK. It's OK if we do it, but RACIST if you do it? Sorry, that does not's like the big N word nigger. Either we put the word away, park it in the garage, or let everyone use it. Blacks might not think that is fair, but sometimes to move forward, life isn't FAIR. We have too many of those terms that are OK when used by one group in a (supposedly) affectionate way, that becomes problematic when used by others...wetback, gringo, even bitch are examples.

Here's a good idea...Accountability. Call me on my shit, but do not get pissed off when I call you on yours. Let us put aside Political Correctness and have true dialogue.

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