Friday, March 27, 2009

Employment Hits Blacks and Latino's Hardest...Your Point Is?

Follow me here for a moment...a new report out is making a HUGE DEAL about the fact that this recession is hitting Blacks and Latino's harder than it is hitting Whites. They attribute this reality directly to the job sectors hit the hardest (blue collar construction and service industry know, the jobs we White Americans have been told we are either A) too proud to take, or B) too intelligent to take). Checking the report, you quickly realize a significant flaw in the statistics...they do not separate Illegal Aliens from the general (and legal) Latino population. This is a very important distinction to make for several reasons.

1. Be honest...if you found out that say 200,000 Illegal Aliens had lost their construction jobs, would you be far less upset than if 200,000 Latino's here legally had lost their jobs?

2. Illegal Aliens depress lower and middle class incomes by over $200 Billion dollars a year. See number one above.

3. Illegal Aliens depress wages of the average black man between the ages of 18-29 the most, with said wage depression equaling or greater than 13 percent annually. See number one above.

4. While 12.5 million Legal Americans (both White, Black and Brown) have lost their jobs, are having trouble feeding their children, over seven million illegal aliens still have our jobs in our American Work Force. See number one above.

I find it odd that Blacks are allowing themselves to be lumped into a group that seeks to protect the very people that are stealing their jobs. I support Immigration, as in Legal Immigration. I do not support illegal immigration, do not support illegal aliens stealing the jobs of all those here in America legally, be they White, Brown or Black. My point in writing this is two fold:

1. You do not get to have it both ways...when we complained that you (Illegal Aliens) were stealing our jobs you claimed you were doing jobs that we would NOT DO...OK, then stop complaining now that you are losing those jobs we would not do! THINK ABOUT IT TILL YOU REALIZE YOU COULD HAVE A V-8. (Yes, assuming here that most of those Latinos who lost their jobs are here illegally...must be a personal prejudice of mine...porous Southern Border with Mexico never entered my equation.)

2. To the hard hit working men and women in the Black Community who find themselves out of work...think about it...while you are out of work, while you are having trouble feeding your children, Obama is fine allowing seven million illegal aliens TOO STEAL YOUR JOBS...

For those that I know will cry FOUL because I attacked Barack "Messiah" Obama:

1. It was President Barack Obama who told Senator Reid and the public that he "did not want E Verify in the Stimulus Bill because it would cause too many ILLEGAL ALIENS to lose their jobs before he and Congress could pass compressive Immigration Reform/AMNESTY...OH YES HE DID!

2. That very decision on the part of OBama not only lets SEVEN MILLION Illegal Aliens keep your (and mine)job, but it also means another 300,000 Illegal Aliens will get Stimulus Jobs paid for with our taxes.

Unemployment Hits Harder Among Blacks, Latinos

Much of the disparity is due to a concentration of Latinos and blacks in construction, blue-collar or service-industry jobs that have been decimated by the economic meltdown. And black unemployment has been about double the rate for whites since the government began tracking those categories in the early 1970s. [Read More]

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