Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to White Empowerment Blog

Welcome to the White Empowerment Blog where it is OK to be white, and to support white people. This blog is not meant to be racially divisive, but instead is created to offset a system and economy that puts White People at a disadvantage, attempts to make us feel as if we are second class citizens deserving of punishment for the sins of our fathers fathers fathers.

There have been several recent events that have caused me to create this space, all of which culminated with a story I viewed on CNN this morning. A Black Couple are in what they call a one year "Black Empowerment" experiment where, whenever possible they purchase goods and supplies from ONLY BLACK BUSINESS PEOPLE. They said their decision is not about racism against whites, but instead is an experiment in empowering the Black Community by using Black banks, Black Grocer, Black Dry Cleaner so forth and so on. If you go to a predominantly Latino neighborhood, you witness this same kind of race segregation when it comes to supporting the local businesses in the area. Paint it anyway you want, it is shunning, it is prejudice against any business that is not owned and run by someone of your SAME SKIN COLOR (or race, or religion, or sexual orientation). Yet who gets accused of being a Bigot? Would it be tolerated if ALL WHITES decided for one year to only buy from, only hire, only associate with WHITES? WE know the answer to that rhetorical question, and it is time to stop the one way street that is allowed racism.

Affirmative is a race based prejudiced program that discriminates against people that were born white. Why is it right to discriminate against people because they are white? Your kid gets the nod for college because he/she is black? We have a supposed economic expert testifying before Congress on behalf of Obama saying Congress should be careful to make sure that Construction jobs do not go to White men. Worse, we have New York's Congressman Rangel assuring Mr. Reich that they can write formula's that make sure the states spend the money the way Congress wants it spent...with a wink and a nod, RACIAL QUOTA.

Look at your school systems...we have teachers telling White Kids they need to write an essay using at least two examples of White People still oppressing people of color in today's society! HELLO...what kind of garbage is that, and why are you laying that kind of GUILT on any child?

I have come to the conclusion that White Main Street American citizens need to start fighting back, need to take back our pride, need to EMPOWER OURSELVES. To that end, this blog is the beginning of a White Empowerment Movement.

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